A-Z Bookish Survey


This week a bookish meme rolled around tumblr. I thought my response would make an interesting (entertaining?) blog post, so here it is.Survey post can be found at: The Perpetual Page Turner.

Questions chosen for me by my buddy Jenn Burke: K, E, L, W, R, A, D, T, O, M, U, C, H (Kel, we read too much).

Yes, we do.

K. Kinds of Books You Won’t Read

I generally avoid books that are designed to make the reader cry—excruciatingly sad stories that don’t promise a happy ending of any sort, or books about bad situations. I like happy and/or thoughtful endings.

E. E-Reader or Physical Books

No preference. As a professional reviewer and library volunteer, I come by books and ebooks too easily either way.

L. Longest Book You’ve Read

Probably something by Robert Jordan. Longest book I’ve read recently would be Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie. Weighs in at 880 pages, but you know what? It didn’t read like 880 pages. It took me about a week to read and I probably ploughed through the last half in a couple of days. And I didn’t skim much at all, which brings me to…

W. Worst Bookish Habit

If I’m not interested in a point of view or if the book is taking just too damned long to get there, I skim. I have three levels of skim.

1)      I read the first sentence of each paragraph, which usually gives me enough information to decide between diving in or skipping to the next paragraph.

2)      I scan the page for keywords that pull me back into the narrative.

3)      I skip entire chapters.

I also often read the last page first. Yeah, I know.

R. Reading Regret

As in I regret reading this book? Too many to name. I’ve been reviewing books for over ten years. I’ve read a LOT of crap.

A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From

R.A. Salvatore. At last count there are twenty four books in the Legend of Drizzt. I’ve also read the Canticle Quintet and the Sell Swords trilogy. So, that’s, what, over thirty books by the same author.

D. Drink of Choice While Reading


T. Three Of Your All-Time Favorite Books

Dune, Frank Herbert

Glasshouse, Charles Stross

Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein

(I actually sorted my top ten for a recent blog post.)

O. One Book That You Have Read Multiple Times

I don’t actually reread books. I have reread Earth Abides by George Stewart, though, and it was worth the effort.

M. Major Book Hangover Because Of

Today, I’m suffering a bit of withdrawal for the world of Wool by Hugh Howey. I finished the book this morning. Last major book hangover was from Best Served Cold. I pined for those characters and if I hadn’t had reading commitments for the magazine, I’d have picked up the next book right away.

U. Unapologetic Fangirl For

Post-apocalyptic fiction. I LOVE IT.

C. Currently Reading

Malice by John Gwynne.

H. Hidden Gem Book

God, I read so much. I’ve stumbled across a lot of books that have surprised the socks off of me. Okay, how about The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley. She’s better known for The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover novels, but this? This is an amazing book. It’s on my best ever top ten list.

That’s it! If you post a set of answers, let me know! I’d love to read through.

I am Catwoman

I found another fun site to waste my time on. Luckily, this one only sucked up five minutes. After a short series of questions, Hero-Me determined which Superhero I was. Fun, eh? (I thought so!)

Catwoman is actually a pretty inspired choice. I’ve always been a bit of a fan. I even own Catwoman #1 (1993 series). It’s one of my prized possessions. It’s not particularly valuable, but I love the cover. I’ve sketched it a few times. Looking at it again now, I’m wondering why I haven’t ever coloured one of those sketches. A project for this week, maybe!

The appeal of Catwoman is obvious; she looks amazing in lycra! And those boots have got to be the stuff of fantasy. (It’s a good thing they have no heel, or I’d twist my ankle before I got to the cool stuff–you know, the athletic stuff.)

Looks aside, I love the character, though, particularly her depiction in the Batman comics. She’s more than a simple adversary. She tests, teases and toys with Bruce Wayne. She’s one of his most enduring love interests.

Catwoman has been played by some really amazing actresses, too. My favourite (which is not hard to guess) is the most recent. Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman compliments Christian Bale’s Batman perfectly, in my opinion. I also love what they did with her costume in The Dark Knight Rises. The flip up goggles that formed little ears are really cool and fit well with all the neat gadgets in Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Before I wrap up this little post, I want to mention that the choice of Superhero at Hero-Me is apparently based on a short version of the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. All the superheroes are detailed here. Their choice of Indicator for each Hero is pretty interesting, particularly as ENFJ (my result from a longer test) is Xavier, who happens to be another of my personal heroes.

Which Superhero are you?