Ser Andrew, I Choose You!

Watch out! When Andy starts talking, he never stops.

My daughter is obsessed with Pokemon. She and her friends collect the cards, swap them and battle. They play Pokemon on their DSs, they own t-shirts, gadgets and games. And so many cards. When not occupied by all things Pokemon, they read Sgt. Frog, a manga series by Mine Yoshizaki. She and her friends all have Sgt. Frog names. We have baked Sgt. Frog cookies.

Recently, she discovered a website where she could create her own Pokemon cards (for fun) and two of her obsessions met and combined in a series of cards featuring attributes and powers she described using her knowledge of the Sgt. Frog manga series. I sized the images appropriately and printed them out on card stock for her.

I really enjoyed watching her exercise her creativity. Choosing the powers, describing them. She made up her own rules. Essentially, she made her own game.

Then she suggested I make my own set, so I did!

I gathered up my favourite fiction, fan fiction and role play characters, assembled images (some my own art, some commissioned) and created a series of cards. I chose unique powers for them and had a lot of fun reminiscing over their personality quirks. When I had them all printed out and cut to size, I had a unique keepsake, one I’ll treasure. I am not allowed to keep them in a drawer, however. My daughter wants to battle, my cards against hers.

Pictures of some of my favourite cards under the cut.

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Story: This Is Home

Iain MacKinnon is an original character (OC) created for roleplay at the Warden’s Vigil role-playing community. I used to be one of the moderators of the board and the profile of another character, Serafina MacKinnon, captured my interest. Serafina had a twin and he was missing, presumed dead. I thought, ‘What if…’ and Iain popped into my head with a back story, a voice and a very cheeky smile.

For those unfamiliar with the setting of Warden’s Vigil, we are role-playing the aftermath of events that occurred during the game ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ by BioWare. Here is a brief description of the game from Wikipedia:

“Set in the fictional kingdom of Ferelden during a period of civil strife, the player assumes the role of a warrior, mage or rogue coming from an elven, human, or dwarven background who must unite the kingdom to fight an impending invasion by demonic forces.”

At the time Iain was introduced to the board, fifteen months had passed since the end of the ‘game’—Ferelden had a new king and the demonic forces had been vanquished. Iain missed the majority of the war. He was captured in one of the first strikes and sequestered in a dungeon. He endured six months of torture before escaping. That torture left him too weak to run far, however, and he was forced to stowaway aboard a ship to avoid recapture. He struck a bargain with the captain and after he regained his health, he served as a sailor to repay his debt. Nearly two years later, he returned to Ferelden.

This is the story of his return.

Iain MacKinnon, his family, the captain and crew of ‘La Stella Cadente’, the residents of Stormgard and the village itself are my creations. They are set in a world which belongs to BioWare. As always, my thanks go to BioWare for allowing fans to play in their sandbox.

The song ‘This Is Home’ by Switchfoot inspired the title of my story and their music is something I associate with Iain as a character.

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