May You Live in Interesting Times, a We Heart You! Interview

When We Heart You! Magazine last chatted with Henry Auttenberg and Marc Winnamore, they’d just been rescued from the side of the road in upstate New York where they’d spent six hours trapped in a rental car during the Christmas Eve blizzard. Five months later, they’re living together in Boston. Aw! I love a happyContinue reading “May You Live in Interesting Times, a We Heart You! Interview”

Aggressive Thrills

Did you know they now call rollercoasters “aggressive thrill rides”? I didn’t either, not until confronted with the sign posted just inside the cattle corral that wound back and forth in front of Skyrush, the  tallest, fastest and longest coaster at Hersheypark. Completed in 2012, Skyrush towers over the park, the large golden arch demonicContinue reading “Aggressive Thrills”