Available Now: Inversion Point


INVERSION POINT is the fourth book in the Chaos Station series. Though I am beyond excited about this release–this is my favourite book in the series, the one I didn’t fret over after the final round–it’s release also heralds the beginning of the end. This morning PHASE SHIFT, the final book in this series, will make it’s way to production. We’re done.

The good news is that there are these two full adventures left to read, and from the advance reviews posted for INVERSION POINT, readers agree with me on this being the best book yet. I’m going to share a couple of quotes here, because they’re the sort every author loves to see. 😀

Inversion Point is arguably the strongest entry yet in the Chaos Station series…”

“This is probably my favorite installment in the series.”

“Just as fresh and exciting as the first book, with a pulse pounding plot and a satisfying conclusion.”

“I am beyond pleased with this installment in the series.”

You can read the cover copy and first chapter of INVERSION POINT at our website!

Blog Tour and Giveaway

To celebrate the release of INVERSION POINT, Jenn and I are doing a week-long blog tour. This means excerpts, guest posts, a character interview (where we had to beg Felix to say something other than “no comment”) and a giveaway!


Today, I share Felix’s Playlist at Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews. Scroll past Maria’s lovely review to check out the music that moves our prickly engineer! We’ve also got an exclusive excerpt up at Queer Sci Fi. On Tuesday, I talk a little bit about what Zed is up against in INVERSION POINT, in his relationship with Felix, the expectations of the galaxy and his habit of being a hero–at any cost! Visit Purple Rose Teahouse to read all about it.

Jenn shares Zed’s playlist at  Joyfully Jay on Wednesday, and talks about characters and how she creates them on Thursday at Smitten with Reading.

On Friday, we’ve got another exclusive excerpt at Prism Book Alliance and a character interview at The Novel Approach. For another excerpt (and mini-interview with us), check out the Friday Favourites post at Ellie Reads.


Prize: The first three books in the Chaos Station series, Chaos Station, Lonely Shore and Skip Trace, and a $25 gift card to the online bookseller of your choice.

Terms: Rafflecopter runs from 12:00 AM EST 1/25/2016 to 12:00 AM EST 2/1/2016. Giveaway is open internationally. Gift card value is US dollars. Winner will be contacted via email.

Flash Fiction: The Lost Ones

I really enjoy writing short fiction. It’s a great way to slip into another gear, which can help with plotting elsewhere, or sometimes it’s just fun to write something completely new. I also enjoy the challenge of fitting enough story into a short piece to either make sense or cause someone to think beyond and maybe finish the tale in their own minds.

Writing for Lex Chase’s blog is extra fun because she chooses the prompts. Participants get sent three and this round—as with last round—I ended up picking the prompt I initially had little reaction to. Last time, I wrote about Anton, a farmer on a distant planet who finds the body of an old…friend…buried in the fields behind his farm. I stuck fairly close to the prompt, which was a farmer finding a mass grave in his fields. Seriously, Lex, where do you get these ideas?

This time, I chose the following prompt:

A vagrant approaches a well-heeled man exiting a trendy coffee shop with a five-dollar latte and a fat-free muffin.

My vagrant is a breeze and I’m pretty sure the muffin wasn’t fat-free. But as with all short shorts, the story I wrote could be part of a larger tale. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up again and write the next chapter.

You can read “The Lost Ones” here, on Lex Chase’s blog. While you’re there, check out the other stories she has posted. There are a lot of good ones!

You can read my previous effort, “Love and Other Constructs” here.

I have a collection of shorter shorts, some weird, some sexy, on a tumblr. Link is at the bottom of my Free Reads page. Finally, if you like reading and writing Flash Fiction, check out the Monday Flash Fics Group on Facebook. Sadly, I’ve written nothing for them yet. I’ve copied several of the pictures and started one story, but Sunday is NOT a writing day for me. I really need to start one earlier in the week. 😀