Story: Lost Socks

Andy, or Ser Andrew Banvard, is a character I play at Warden’s Vigil. I write a lot of short stories for Andy. He’s one of the most insistent voices in my head and such a patient little fellow. I enjoy writing him and I enjoy sharing his adventures. In the following story, Andy has returnedContinue reading “Story: Lost Socks”

Story: Blessed Are the Peacekeepers

Written for BioWare’s Dragon Age Asunder Writing Challenge. Benedict liked his name. It meant ‘blessed’ and, though some might consider him more ‘cursed’, he thought his name represented optimism on the part of his parents. In a way, the day of his birth, they had given him three gifts, life, a name and hope. AsContinue reading “Story: Blessed Are the Peacekeepers”

Review: Critical Care

Critical Care, by Richard Dooling (Picador, June 1996. Paperback, 256 pages) The story is fairly simple on the surface, but more complex beneath. A young doctor is faced with a choice–he’s fooled into having to make it, and his naivete regarding the issue is quite stunning. But, it’s also endearing, and a big part ofContinue reading “Review: Critical Care”