The Long and Winding Road

I’m on the fourth draft of this WIP. What makes the situation unique, for me, is that I haven’t finished the first draft yet. Usually, when I write a novel, I go all the way to the end before making any significant changes. There have been exceptions. Sometimes I’ll get the feeling the book isn’tContinue reading “The Long and Winding Road”

The Myth of the Perfect Draft

When I wrote my first book I had absolutely no concept of how the whole process worked. I wrote a story, read it over, sent it to a friend—who read it over and said very nice things—corrected a few typos, and sent it in. The publisher offered me a contract, and I thought, “Wow, thatContinue reading “The Myth of the Perfect Draft”

When It’s Not Working

The post I had planned for today was a summary of my works in progress. I don’t often share much about what I’m writing. I’m weirdly superstitious about it—or maybe it’s just that I prefer not to tease with a new project that might never eventuate. It’d be like hearing Ben & Jerry were finallyContinue reading “When It’s Not Working”

Writing Outside the Lines

I like writing outlines. Putting facts in order appeals to my sense of, well, order. I didn’t always feel that way, however. In school, I thought they were one of those evil necessities. I always knew what I wanted to write, so why did I need to write about what I wanted to write? WhyContinue reading “Writing Outside the Lines”