Review: Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure

¬†Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure by Mark Lord. Chivarly: A Jake Savage Adventure¬†is a short story that elegantly examines the concept of chivalry. Like so many idealised concepts, that of the noble warrior can be destroyed by the reality of war or the aftermath. Stories of battle more usually depict the bravery of the mountedContinue reading “Review: Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure”

Review: Universes

Universes by Stephen Baxter Stephen Baxter has been on the periphery of my awareness for years. I have read one of his stories, only one, a novella called Starfall. I enjoyed it and meant to read more. When he published Flood and Ark, I added them to my wish list. Both were exactly the sortContinue reading “Review: Universes”

Review: Alt Hist Issue 4

Alt Hist by Mark Lord My rating: 3 of 5 stars The fourth issue of Alt Hist magazine features six stories of horror, history and fantasy: Restless by Dylan Fox set in the 1860s onboard a fleet of British ironclad warships steaming towards China. Kleine Menschen by Eric Jackson is a historical fantasy story setContinue reading “Review: Alt Hist Issue 4”