Wasted by Holley Trent (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)

I’m delighted to welcome Holley Trent to my blog today to share her story “Wasted”. 🙂 The charity I’d like to spotlight is the LGBTQ Center of Durham (North Carolina). They provide support and arrange for a safe meeting place for LGBTQ people in the Triangle area. Learn more about them and their programs atContinue reading “Wasted by Holley Trent (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)”

Indigent (Charity Volume 1)

Five authors have joined together to produce stories evoking both loss and hope. Reaching deep within their fiery imaginations, these stories take flight and showcase dreams for a better today and future for LGBT everywhere. Embodying a diverse set of talents and stories, this volume sets out to grab the hearts of those who readContinue reading “Indigent (Charity Volume 1)”

Life, the Universe and Nutella

Since joining Carina Press, Jenn and I have formed a friendship with another male-male romance writing duo, Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels. A couple of months ago we interviewed ourselves regarding our co-writing processes. This time, we sat our characters down together and interviewed them. Chaos Station and In the Kitchen are two very different series.Continue reading “Life, the Universe and Nutella”

The Joy of Co-Writing

Yes, I realise my title has sexy connotations. It’s meant to. 🙂 When my writing partner, Jenn, and I joined the Carina Press author loop, we met another co-writing team, Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin. We immediately bonded over our love of male-male romance, writing and reading it, and the joys of having a writingContinue reading “The Joy of Co-Writing”