It’s Release Day for Sundays with Oliver!

I’ve been talking about this book for so long that there shouldn’t be a lot left to say. But, hey, this is me. I can always find another word or two. Sundays with Oliver felt (feels) very much like the next logical step in my journey as a writer. Once again, I drew on my own life as a jump-off point as my daughter packed up her life and went away to college. I then went on to explore other aspects of mid-life:

  • Becoming an empty nester
  • Having adult children (!!)
  • Taking a moment (or twenty) to look back at everything you’ve done and wonder: has it been enough?
  • Learning to come to terms with loss
  • How our relationships with our parents (or caregivers) change as we grow older
  • Starting a relationship with someone else who’s basically having the same existential crisis you are, so, basically —
  • Being brave enough to take a chance on love

These characters are a little older and a little more bruised and I think that makes their happy ever after all the more sweet.

Universal Buy Link | Riptide Publishing

Looking for my new release giveaways? Throughout this week, I’ll be visiting friends’ author groups. For a chance at a $5 GC, stop by and comment on my post. It will be easy to find; just look for the cookies!

Jenn Burke’s Epic Adventurers
Felice’s Breakfast Club
Annabeth’s Angels
Amy Aislin’s Readers
Elle Keaton’s Highway to Elle

At each stop, there will be a cookie recipe. Collect the name of every cookie and plug it into this form for a chance to win any complete series from my backlist in ebook format. This last giveaway is aimed at new readers, so if you already have all of my books (Thank you, I love you!) and enter anyway, and win, I will encourage you to gift your prize to a friend.

And, just in case you’re still wondering whether to buy my new book, here are some reviews from two of my favourite authors:

Universal Buy Link | Riptide Publishing

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