LET’S GO OUT has a new cover and a special preorder price!

The sequel to Let’s Connect is here! Well, almost. Let’s Go Out is scheduled for release on March 1st. But it does have a pretty new cover and a special preorder price.

Cover designer Natasha Snow has outdone herself with this one. I didn’t make it easy, either. She truly has the patience of an angel. Our first challenge was finding a suitable model for Robin in a pose that suited the layout. Cue me spending three days trawling stock photo sites for an older guy with grayish hair, glasses, and a beard, who was sitting somewhere not complicated. Then we had the background to consider: I wanted a similar look to the first cover, but a setting that was also unique to this story. I must have sent Natasha six different background files to try, and she diligently plugged each one in and sent it back with notes on how well she thought it worked. Her notes were always spot on. Always. 

Natasha found the framed pictures. I requested a few changes (because of course I did) to the images inside the frames. I wanted them to match Sean’s tile story – even if no one looking at this cover ever made the connection. Then, because I liked the banana so much, I wrote it into the book. In two places. 

What do you think?

About the book:

(Let’s Connect #2)

Being dumped is oddly freeing.

It wasn’t as though Robin could have met Dan in the real world, anyway. To do that, Robin would have to leave his house. But uploading his picture to the dating app Let’s Connect, only to have Dan let him down, is still disappointing. Now Robin has run out of excuses not to look outward, and for the first time in three years, he’s seeing many of the things he’s been hiding from—including his next-door neighbor, Sean.

The very same obstacle remains, however. Sean lives in the real world too. And if Robin wants to get to know him better, to move beyond friendship to something more, he’s going to have to step outside his front door.

Robin will have to go out.


The published edition includes:

  • A new, super-extended epilogue chapter from Sean’s point of view. (I *might* have gotten a little carried away, but I really liked Sean’s voice.)
  • Robin’s Frittata recipe.
  • A new tile story!

Need to catch up? You can read Let’s Connect for free with Kindle Unlimited. Not subscribed? No problem. Let’s Connect will be free to everyone for a few days after the release of Let’s Go Out.

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3 thoughts on “LET’S GO OUT has a new cover and a special preorder price!

  1. Preordered Let’s Go Out. But now I realize that I desperately need a heart key for my keyboard! ❤ (not the same)

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