My Best Friend with Fur

Jackson Kenard Jensen

October 2003-July 2020

Two weeks before we planned to travel to Australia for a month, my husband brought home an ugly little kitten one of his colleagues had found in a box between her building and the next. He was a scrappy little thing with an abnormally large, elongated nose and skinny head. I thought he was ugly. I also thought my husband was crazy for wanting to adopt a kitten right before we went away.

Long story short, a friend kept him for that month, and when we got home, Jack, named after one of our favourite Sims (The Sims) bullied his way into our lives and our hearts. He became my best friend with fur.

Jack ate with us, slept with us, and kept us company as we worked and played. If we were in the garden, Jack was in the garden. When we watched TV, Jack watched TV. His favourite foods were shrimp and ice cream (separately or together), and sometimes he purred so hard you could hear him across the room. He was also a very chatty cat and would meow until someone answered.

He was never supposed to be mine, but it became obvious early on that I was the one he had chosen as his particular human (or slave). He slept pressed against me most nights, with his paws wrapped around my hand.

He loved to play games with us.

Especially co-op adventures with the family.

He liked to help with folding the laundry.

And making the bed.

He wasn’t always impressed by our projects, especially when we wanted him to be.

But he loved the garden.

And napping on the deck.

There is a Jack-shaped hole in my heart and in my life that I doubt I’ll ever fill. He was and always will be the best cat.

Goodbye, my sweet little man. You were deeply loved.

Published by Kelly Jensen

Writer of love stories. Bibliophile. Gamer. Hiker. Cat herder. Waiting for the aliens. 👽 🏳️‍🌈

6 thoughts on “My Best Friend with Fur

  1. Several decades ago my ex moved in with his cat. I told him I didn’t like cats, being a dog lover; that he would have to take care of it. As time went on, that cat wormed himself into my heart so much so he became my cat. When he passed I cried more than I thought was possible. But time goes by and with that I smile when I think of that cat. Condolences Animals are a blessing for us humans.

  2. Kelly, thank you for sharing Jack with us in both words and pictures. He sounds like he was a delight. I am so sorry for your loss.

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