Celebrating Pride!

Pride month is important to me as a writer of LGBT fiction, but also as a human being. Pride is an important part of my identity and every year, I watch – with pride – as more people are encouraged to celebrate themselves, thereby encouraging others. Often, I think it would be nice to live in a world, a time, where a Pride Month isn’t necessary. But this is and will forever be an important part of our history, and even when who you love matters less than who you are, the fact that there ever was a struggle must always be remembered.

Therefore, I’m thrilled to offer BLOCK AND STRIKE for just 99c throughout Pride Month because this book is about pride. Both Max and Jake struggle with their identity and sexuality and it’s partly through their relationship that they figure out how to be themselves – Jake, a nurturer and caregiver, Max as someone strong enough to stand up for himself.

I put a lot of myself into this book in regards to that struggle for identity and how important the study of martial arts has been in helping me find my voice. If not for my own experiences at the dojo, this book and others might never have happened.

Also, in random trivia:

  • BLOCK AND STRIKE was my first full-length solo novel
  • My first book in print
  • First of my books to win an award
  • I have Jake’s tattoo on my right shoulder blade
  • I named my Mustang after Max.


Get BLOCK AND STRIKE for just 99c at all retailers!

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Excerpts and extras from BLOCK AND STRIKE:

The Golden Man (Excerpt)

Egg Drop Soup (Excerpt)

First Kiss (Excerpt)

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Excerpt)

Who’d bury a body for you? A chat with Max and Jake

Learning to Make Noise Why I study self-defense.

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