Counting Out

Counting Out is the last story in the Counting series! I first made it available to newsletter subscribers, now I’m making it available to everyone else.

A little bit about the story: it was meant to be 5000 words. Then 10000. I think it ended up somewhere over 20k, which makes it significantly longer than Counting Fence Posts, the first novella in this series. But that’s just fine because I love writing extras for my guys and I loved writing this story in particular.

(To read all the extras, visit the Counting series page.)

It was so nice to revisit a couple I knew really well, especially Henry and Marc–who were never meant to be a series, but decided they needed to be. (Story of my life, along with ever-increasing word count goals.)

I started writing Counting Out with one goal in mind: to end up with a super happy ever after, beyond the already pretty good happy ever after I delivered at the end of Counting on You. I wanted readers to close the cover on this one feeling as though this was it. That Marc and Henry are a team, forever and ever.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep writing them. They need a house next. And a dog and a couple of cats, and lots more cute and perhaps catastrophic moments together.

For now, though, I give you camping, as only Henry and Marc could manage it:

Counting Out (Counting #3.5)

Counting Out (1)Henry and Marc are going on vacation: seven days of camping and hiking in the Green Mountain National Forest. And this time, instead of getting stuck somewhere, they’re going to get lost. Before they’re found, they’ll visit a secluded waterfall, encounter a bear, and walk many hot sweaty miles. Marc will discover he hates trail mix and Henry will finally get an excuse to upgrade his cheap phone. There’s also a falling star and some super sweet wishes.


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