Love Can’t Be Arranged, a We Heart You! Interview

We Heart You! is the magazine dedicated to Happy Ever Afters. Today, we’re talking to royalty! I’m here with King Luca and his consort, Eirian. Can you believe these two only met the day before their wedding? And they’re already settling into what we hope is a long (mythos-long) and happy life together.

WHY: Let’s talk first impressions! Can you tell us, each of you, what you were thinking the day you met for the first time?

Luca: I wondered if he understood how cars work.

Eirian: What?

Luca: You sat in it long enough.

Eirian: That’s because…I was flustered. I’d been stuck on that damnable plane for hours and then there you were, looking so disapproving as you stood on the steps. It truly sank in that we were going to be married, and we were utter strangers to each other.

Luca: Fair enough.

Eirian: Fair enough? I’d say it was more than fair that I would feel that way. More than understandable

Luca: The half-shift wasn’t.

Eirian: I’m never going to live that down, am I?

WHY: Eirian, can you tell us about your relationship with your bond-brother Keefe. How will that change now that you’re to be married?

Eirian: If I have anything to say about it, it won’t change at all. He’s been with me for more than half my life, and although I want a full and equal partnership with Luca, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to give up other relationships I have for it.

Luca Quote (1)

Luca: Well said. I don’t want anything to change there, either.

WHY: Luca, you’ve lost not only a friend, but a mentor. Will you dedicate a part of your kingship to honoring your relationship with Arran, or are mythos not prone to sentimentality?

Luca: I don’t know if sentimentality is the right word here. I loved Arran—he was my best friend, the closest thing I had to a bond-brother, but I don’t feel I need to formally dedicate my rule to his memory. My actions will speak to how much I will strive to honor Arran and his principles, and hope to make him proud as he sits at the Mother’s side.

WHY: Nicely stated. Eirian, what are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Eirian: I hope to take advantage of the opportunity to shape the future of the Golden Kingdom. Working with Luca to bring our people into the new century will be a challenge, but a rewarding one.

Luca: Just remember, too much change is as bad as none at all.

Eirian: Agreed. We’ll need to find a happy medium between the two—but there will be change, Luca. You wouldn’t have married me otherwise.

Luca: I don’t know. I quite like your beard and glasses combination. You look like a lumberjack professor.

Eirian: I…what?

WHY: Adorable! Let’s talk about your wedding. I’m sure as gryphonlings… ah, kittens?

Luca: Kits is the correct term.

WHY: As kits—thank you—I’m sure you had an idea of what your wedding might be like. Were you disappointed to have to share your special day with the coronation, or do you think attaching your ceremony to one of so much significance gave it more weight?

Luca: When we took the first steps to begin arranging my marriage and selecting my groom, I had originally hoped for a more joyous occasion. Ideally, my groom and I would have had time to get to know one another and perhaps even forged a friendship, and the ceremony would have been a celebration of that union.

Eirian: It was still lovely.

Luca: I would have liked to have it later in the spring, when the lilacs are in bloom on the royal estate.

Luca Quote (2)WHY: And you, Eirian? Did you dream of the type of wedding you would have?

Eirian: Uh…no? Because I had never thought Luca would—I mean, it never occurred to me that I would be selected to be Luca’s consort.

Luca: Flustered again, my consort?

Eirian: Shush.

WHY: In lieu of raising your own children, will you mentor other young gryphons?

Luca: I think looking after Keefe will be enough of a challenge.

Eirian: Luca!

WHY: Let’s talk Happy Ever After. It’s been an interesting first few months for you! I suppose a King and his consort’s duties are ever there, but surely you’ll have time for yourselves. Any special plans?

Luca: I think we’ve earned a short vacation.

Eirian: Mother, have we.

Luca: There’s a lovely, isolated island in the middle of the Pacific reserved for the King’s use.

Eirian: Wait—really?

Luca: Really.

Eirian: And you were going to tell me when?

Luca: When I could drag you away from your plans and plots, my love.

Eirian: Consider me dragged.

WHY: One last question! Tell me one thing you admire about the other, and if you like, how this makes you feel.

Luca: His tenacity.

Eirian: That was quick. Did you just have that at the top of your head?

Luca: I have thought a great deal about all of your traits, so yes. Don’t tell me you haven’t done the same.

Eirian: Well…yes. I have.

Luca: And?

Eirian: And what I admire most about you is your unwavering loyalty, support and service to the kingdom. You are truly an inspiration.

Luca: Oh.

Eirian: Now who’s flustered, my king?

WHY: And flustered looks good on him, don’t you think? Thanks for talking with us today. We Heart You!

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She’s been called a pocket-sized and puntastic Canadian on social media, and she’ll happily own that label. Jenn lives just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and two kids, plus two dogs named after video game characters…because her geekiness knows no bounds.

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