Celebrating Two Years of Chaos Station


Chaos Station released two years ago today! Because I miss these guys, I decided to recreate them in The Sims 4 and play out the lives they couldn’t have in the 24th century. No war, no space-faring or military careers, nothing to get in the way of their happiness.  I wasn’t at all surprised by how much fun I had replaying Felix and Zed’s love story. What amazed me was how much like the guys my Sims turned out to be. Sure, I designed them and gave them all the right personality traits. But when left to their own devices, they did things that Felix and Zed probably would have done. It was awesome to watch.

Their love story played out a bit like that too, with Felix making the first awkward move, embarrassing them both, and Zed being the suave one–picking the right moment. And once they were in love, they wanted to be together all the time. My game shrank to two Sims, Felix and Zed, who cooked for each other, cleaned together, played together, worked out together and just hung out. It was stupidly adorable.

To celebrate their two year anniversary, and to share some of the fun I had, I picked some screenshots and put together a little story–based on actual events that occurred while I was playing The Sims 4. Sort of. I’d also like to share Felix and Zed with you. If you’ve got The Sims 4, you can download them here!

Love in Oasis Springs

01-09-17_6-41-23-pm-1Zed met Felix the day he lost his clothes. At the time, he was not aware Felix was the one who’d stolen them. All he knew was that they weren’t where he left them before his shower. He asked around, but no one had seen anything. Then he met another guy wearing a towel who said his clothes had been stolen too!

What a coincidence, Zed thought.

Felix’s thoughts were at little more definite. My plan is working beautifully.

He offered to help with the search and together they roamed the gym, looking for something to wear. Eventually, they found their clothes stashed in the back of a dark closet. By then, of course, Felix had introduced himself and explained he was new in town.

01-09-17_6-40-07-pm-1What a coincidence, Zed thought.

Felix’s thoughts ran a little differently. I wonder if he has a couch at his place.

Turned out Zed did and was happy to help his naked gym fellow out. “You can stay with me until you get set up,” he offered.

Felix’s plan was working out better than he hoped. A date would have been awesome. An exchange of phone numbers better than nothing. But a place to stay—in close proximity to the gorgeous Zander Anatolius? Super duper fantastic.

“Wait. Super duper fantastic? I don’t use expressions like that. Ever.”

“This isn’t the future you, Felix, it’s the sandbox you.”

“I don’t care which version of me it is.”

“You’ll care when we get farther into the story. No war in this one. No aliens. No super soldiers and no AEF. You and Zed are going to be together every single day of this relationship and will live happily ever after.”

“Super duper fantastic!”

01-22-17_4-52-34-pmSo Felix moved in with Zed and they got to know each other. Felix learned that Zed was studying to be a chef. Felix wanted to be an athlete. Right now, he was the team mascot.

“Every career has to start somewhere.”

Because their schedules lined up pretty well, they spent a lot of time together. Soon, it was as though they’ve always known each other and Felix was in love. But when he expressed his feelings to Zed, Zed rebuffed him.

“I really like you, but as a friend,” he said.


02-16-17_2-04-09-pmFelix went to hide under the covers of the bed. It was Zed’s bed, but whatever. Hiding had to be done. When the covers rustled beside him, he thought it was Zed preparing to toss him out. Instead, Zed crawled under the covers too. The heat of two embarrassed faces quickly warmed the dark space.

“Hi,” said Felix.

“Hi,” said Zed.

“I was just looking for one of my contacts.”

“Me too.”

“I’m… really sorry about the whole wanting to be more than friends thing. I hope I haven’t wrecked what we had.”

Zed didn’t answer for a minute or two and Felix pretty much suspected he’d done it again. Wrecked stuff. Then Zed said, “It’s okay. I’m just not ready yet.”

Hope! He had hope and Felix was a man who lived for such things as hope. Hope was the crack around a window, the broken lock on a door! Hope was that moment of opportunity when he’d decided to steal another guy’s clothes, just so he could meet him in the most memorable way possible.

A few days later, Zed decided he was ready. He expressed his feelings to Felix and this time, there was no hiding under the covers. Instead, they kissed.

02-16-17_7-07-45-pm-1It was the most amazing kiss ever. Like, so amazing, actual pink hearts floated up over their heads.


(Super duper fantastic.)

Their relationship progressed pretty quickly after that. Hard for it not to when they spent every spare moment together. Felix thought of little other than Zed and it seemed Zed felt the same way.

It was time to move things to the next level. Felix figured he’d probably waited too long, but Zed was always so nice about everything, it was hard to stay worried. So he asked Zed out on a Very Special Date ™ and ran to the drugstore to buy some essentials for afterward.

The date was super duper fantastic.

What happened afterward could not be described in such happy, fluffy terms. Felix had imagined S.E.X. with Zed would be good. Even amazing. It was otherworldly. Like their first kiss, the first time their bodies came together, pink hearts appeared in the air over the bed.

02-22-17_4-41-09-pm-1Had he not been so busy figuring out what Zed liked and doing it, over and over, Felix might have taken a moment to thank all the stars he hadn’t propositioned Zed in the park during their walk home. An explosion of pink hearts in the air would probably have drawn every beat cop within view and being arrested for public nudity wouldn’t have been half as special as the fireworks now exploding over the bed.

Zed had a great bed.

And Zed was very excellent at sex.

Really, there was only one thing for it. They needed to get married. So they did. Oh, there was a very romantic scene were Felix got down on one knee and gave Zed a ring. The best part of the whole affair, however, was the party.

The family from next door came. Nessa, Elias and their very blue, very oddly named child, Qek.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

02-28-17_6-39-20-pm 02-28-17_6-44-10-pm


I’m still playing the sequel, which will be Felix and Zed building a new room onto the house, experimenting with vegetable gardening and adopting a baby. ❤

Author’s note:

I’m sorry this story is so ridiculous! While I was sorting through the 150 or so screenshots I have of the guys in The Sims 4, I found a bunch where they were wearing nothing but a towel. Zed even went fishing in a towel. So I decided to start the story from there and that kinda set the tone. I hope you enjoyed the nonsense!

Here’s a gallery of some of my other favourite screenshots. Including them all would have made the story even more silly, and quite a bit longer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, both families are available for download to play in The Sims 4. I uploaded them the day I created them, so Felix and Zed are only roommates. It’ll be up to you to plot out your own love story for them. Have fun! (Pictures link to downloads.)

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    1. As you can tell, I had a lot of fun. It’d been a few years since I last played the Sims too, so it was nice to try it out again. 😀

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