Story Book Scenery

Time for another photography post. As always, the pictures I have collected inspire my imagination, but this time the stories in my head are on our planet. There are no aliens or mythical creatures. I cannot rule out the possibility of magic, though.

(Each image links to its source. Please click through to appreciate the work of each photographer.)

We’ll start by visiting Norway. This photograph entranced me the first time I saw it and as I researched the origins for this post, it did so all over again. I stumbled across it shortly before Christmas and it seemed to me that I looked at Christmas. Or, at least, the story book version of it.

All I know is that it’s Norway and it’s gorgeous.

It’s a beautiful scene and I’d love to credit the original photographer. If anyone recognises it, please let me know.

The next photo is from an Italian Photographer by the name of Riccardo Criseo, and…I lied. This one does, to me, hint at alien activity. It’s all happening here, on Earth, however. Comforting, I know.

Weather Lightning Landscape by Riccardo Criseo

My favourite aspect of this photo is the glimpse of city lights beneath the clouds. There are storied down there, and they run on, regardless of what is stirring the heavens above.

The next image is from Canada. I’ve seen a lot of photographs of bubbles caught beneath the ice. It’s a picturesque phenomenon. What I love about this image is the painterly quality of the light, particularly in the foreground. The grainy texture of the ice almost seems to be oil scratched against canvas.

Glass House – Lake Abraham by Paul Christian Bowman

There are a number of stories here. What lurks beneath the ice? And where is the photographer? Is he on the ice? If so, why? The photographer is Paul Christian Brown and he has a number of other pictures of frozen lakes on flickr.

The next photo is another winter scene. I love the way the light limns the trees. There is a feeling of expectation here, as if something momentous is about to happen.

Warmth in Winter by Prescott Devinney

I don’t know where this is taken, but I don’t think it matters. Story book settings can be anywhere, right?

As always, I have another fifty photos tucked away that I’d love to share. Until next time, please enjoy these.

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3 thoughts on “Story Book Scenery

  1. The final picture is mine, and was taken in Forest Grove, Oregon, about 45 minutes west of Portland Oregon.

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