Stupid Questions

Ever heard the saying: There is no such thing as a stupid question?

Ever hugged those words to your secret self while your cheeks flame and your lips tremble, while you wish, fervently, that a bus would appear out of nowhere and mow you down?


Rather than assume your imagination is a little less vivid than mine, I’ll go ahead and suggest you actually consider your questions before asking them.

I do, too. Sometimes. But odd questions keep dancing from my brain to the tip of my tongue and tripping through my lips before I can stop them. Thankfully, I have access to the internet.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t believe everything I read online and, trust me, I don’t. Even if the answers to my stupid questions seem utterly plausible and/or really cool. My bullshit sensor is finely tuned. I’m usually the one who points out the hoaxes to my friends. And when researching for a fictional project, I always check my sources.

But for a quick fix, for the answer to most questions, the internet is just the thing!

HadronTake my most recent question: What would happen to a man trapped inside a hadron collider?

(It was a story idea, all right?)

After tossing around a few ideas with a friend (who is not only amazingly tolerant, but used to my odd theories), I opened a browser window and went surfing. To my delight, I found a wonderful video answering a question just like mine. A find like that always deserves a moment of jubilation. Not only am I not the ONLY person to have asked such a weird (stupid?) question, but someone else was sufficiently interested in the answer that they traveled to CERN to interview scientists!

Imagine my thrill. Go on, I dare you.

The video is a thing of awesomeness. Not only does it answer my question, in full and gruesome detail, but the reaction of the scientists is just priceless. NONE of them had considered such a question before. They were surprised anyone would. WHY would you even think about putting your hand in a hadron collider? Why not, I say. Isn’t that what science is all about?

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Published by Kelly Jensen

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4 thoughts on “Stupid Questions

  1. What surprises me is that the scientists HADN’T considered it. Isn’t it human nature to want to stick your fingers in places you shouldn’t? This is why we have electrical outlet covers for babies. It’s instinctual.

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