Batman vs. Superman

I love Batman. Late to the fandom, I was converted (co-opted, corrupted) by Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, which inspired me to read Frank Miller’s graphic novel. So, to clarify, I’m a fairly recent, but ardent fan. I have the new trilogy on blu-ray, a shiny new copy of the Frank Miller graphic novel, a handful of other comics, some Lego and a Batman backpack. Yes, I use the backpack in public.

I’m not a walking encyclopedia of Batman knowledge. I’m not the ultimate Batman geek. I simply chose him as my hero based on the movie, The Dark Knight, which will remain one of my all time favourites. The ending is my super hero epiphany. I know enough about enough to comment on the rivalry between Batman and Superman, however. It’s a classic clash, strength versus smarts, and illustrates perfectly why I will always love Batman.


I kinda like Superman now, too. It’s the new movie. Before Man of Steel, Superman was just a dude in blue spandex and a red cape. The alien origin intrigued; I’m interested in anything ‘alien’. But he was too…”super”. The new movie, Man of Steel, humanised Superman for me. He became a person. I enjoyed the interpretation of the lore and the rebuilding of an iconic character. I walked out of the theatre needing another movie, though, the one I’m sure millions of fans asked for: Batman vs. Superman.

I don’t want a rehash of the old story, I want the new Batman squaring off against the new Superman. The confrontation has to fit both the old and new universes, however. And it has to make sense. Yeah, I’m not asking for a lot. But, just imagine it. It would be the ultimate superhero movie. Really.

Yes, I realise we’ve already had The Avengers, and that was cool and all. But this is the other side of the superhero spectrum. These are different men. Arguably, their origins are darker and grittier. A battle between them needn’t be set against an apocalypse. Though, given how much was destroyed in Man of Steel, any new movie under the direction of Zach Snyder will feature a battle of apocalyptic proportions. I’d like to see something smarter. Something worthy of Batman. So, I’ll ask for one last thing. Can Christopher Nolan be involved as well?

Luckily for me, and those millions of other fans, my dream movie will arrive in 2015. Batman vs. Superman has been officially announced. Now we wait to see if all these elements can be brought together well, and if Batman will prevail.

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12 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman

  1. I think it is important to note that Batman and Superman are not enemies, but different faces of the same heroic coin. Everything that Superman is (superhuman, alien, pastoral, optimistic, integrated) Batman is not — he is (relatively) frail, human, urban, pessimistic and outcast. That their heroic crusades are so different — Superman fights alien gods while Batman fights delusional freaks — requires their methods be different, which is usually the source of the conflict between the two. Even in the seminal Batman versus Superman story — Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns — it is not that one is good or right and the other is bad or wrong, it is that each is trying to accomplish the greater good according to their own ethical viewpoint.

    Perhaps less iconic but, in my opinion, more nuanced conflict between the two can be found in the animated World’s Finest: Batman and Superman film set in the Dini-verse. Their distrust and conflict is based on misunderstanding and they become allies and even friends upon realizing they are on the same side and each possesses strengths the other does not have. I sincerely hope that Snyder, Nolan and Co. honor the long tradition of the respect and grudging friendship between the two and use Miller’s point of view as a way to the end, not the end itself.

    1. Absolutely, yes, on all points!

      I was talking about the new film with a friend and we both agreed that though we’d like to see the conflict (and all involved CGI), it would be great if Batman and Superman walked away allies, at the very least. Friends at best. That grudging respect and friendship would be a better conclusion than one ultimate winner.

    1. I think it embarrasses my daughter, but if that’s the worst I ever do… 😀

      I’m late to the superhero fandom. I was never much of a comic book reader. But the movies of the last decade have really started to deepen and humanise their stories. Comic book fans could argue that that depth of story and character has always been there and they are probably right! The movies have just made them more accessible to me.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m a bigger batman fan though I enjoyed the last superman movie (despite one scene), I have been a Batman fan for a long time now and every time I see the two fight whether it be because superman got into some red kryptonite, or posion ivy has brainwashed him, or ronald reagan has sent superman to stop batman from being batman….superman gets pwned HARD. I do look forward to this movie but I hate that they are calling it Batman Vs Superman. I much rather would see a World’s Finest movie where its a pure team up (after intial fighting of course). They had a short film called world’s finest where batman travels to metropolis in order to stop the joker from killing superman which he totally would have done had batman not been there. I am very sure that Batman will prevail!

    1. I agree. I’d love to see a movie where they team up. There would be rivalry involved (of course) but an opportunity for them to work together. (And, obviously, several displays of ‘strength’ on either side.)

      The article I linked in the final paragraph of this post speculates on other titles, one of which is ‘Superman vs. Batman’. Which ever they use, I think the ‘vs’ title is the one that is going to capture the attention of fans and those who only have a passing familiarity with the rivalry. But, we could be pleasantly surprised, eh?

      Can’t wait for this one!

      1. Very true could definitely be an advertising ploy to draw in outside viewers didn’t think of that! Did you know they wrote the script for Batman Vs Superman before David Goyer penned Batman begins? I have that script somewhere, I have yet to read it though, I wonder how similar…if at all…it will be to this future film.

  3. I don’t know if superhero movies – when done well – will ever get old.

    I’m probably one of the only people who didn’t see Man of Steel in theaters, but I’m definitely getting it when it comes out.
    And I loved Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started. Then again, I’m quite a big fan of Christian Bale anyhow.
    I really just don’t think anybody in the world could’ve BEEN Batman like he was. I’m sad that it’s over, but glad that it happened. We’ll see how that movie looks when it comes out in a couple years.

    1. I adore Christian Bale. He’s one of those actors who becomes his character. You know it’s Christian Bale, but he’s someone else for the duration of the movie. And I have really enjoyed most of his films, too. He really did make that trilogy.

      1. Oh, so do I. I just love him.
        Did you ever see Equilibrium?
        You’re right. He really does just BECOME whoever he’s playing, which I always say is the sign of a spectacular actor/actress. That’s what it’s all about – watching them in something and totally forgetting everything else they’ve ever been in while you are.

      2. Yes, I really liked Equilibrium. Most recently I saw him in The Fighter. WOW. He was also memorable in The Prestige (another Christopher Nolan flick 😉 )

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