Drizzt, Drizzt and a little more Drizzt

I met Drizzt by accident. A long, long time ago in a land far, far away, I read a book. The only details I remembered were a hero with dark skin and a castle. And that it was one of a series. I recalled being utterly captivated by the character and the story, however. I still don’t know the name of that book or character, but when I mentioned my search to a friend, he thought of Drizzt, the dark elf, and handed me a copy of The Crystal Shard (The Icewind Dale Trilogy, #1).

(As a side note, when I rolled a monk for our D&D campaign, the same guy handed me The Cleric Quintet. I think he hoped to influence the alignment and disposition of my monk. Didn’t work.)

The Crystal Shard, first published novel of R.A. Salvatore, introduced me to Drizzt and his companions. I got caught up in their story and read book after book after book.  Currently, there are twenty-four novels making up The Legend of Drizzt, and it is an amazing series. The books are well written, well plotted and the perfect size for an adventure. The characters endure, even as their world changes around them, but they don’t stagnate. The combat is gripping and the emotional ties between the Companions is compelling. I have a lot of love for these books.

With the upcoming release of The Companions: The Sundering, Book I I’ve devoted my blog to Drizzt and his companions this week, which has involved doing more research than I usually do when I read and review a book. I’ve read wikis, virtually stalked R.A. Salvatore and browsed fan art. One of the neat things about these particular books is that they are part of a much beloved world, The Forgotten Realms. There are wikis of the wikis, forums of forums, pages and pages of data gathered and sorted by fans, and so much art and fan art. It must be an awesome experience as a writer to have such a wealth of information on hand, and to appreciate the dedication of the fans.

In this post I’d like to share some of awesome stuff I found.

One of the most useful sites for anyone interested in The Legend of Drizzt, either for reading or roleplaying purposes, is the Forgotten Realms wiki. For answers to very specific questions, however, Salvatore’s own forums, RASalvatoreForums/Yuku.com is great. Beware spoilers if you haven’t read the books. This is one of my favourite pages, which features a chronological timeline (with dates!) of all the books and stories in the legend.

The covers of the books feature amazing art. Salvatore and Wizards of the Coast are fortunate to have great artists working for them, including Todd Lockwood, who is one of my favourite fantasy artists.

Drizzt Triumphant, Todd Lockwood

I could fill this post with Lockwood’s art, but I will restrain myself. A visit to his gallery is worthwhile, however.

There is also a lot of wonderful fan art devoted to Drizzt. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Hidden in the Underworld, Ilich Henriquez
Drizzt and Gwen, Anna Rigby

Again, I could post art all day. I won’t. Instead, I’ll leave you with a picture of the other legend, the dark elf’s creator, R.A. Salvatore posing before a statue of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar.

R.A. Salvatore with Drizzt and Guenhwyvar

And that’s it. Drizzt week called to a close. I have a stack of other books to review, a couple of which I have already read. I can’t wait to get a month to myself, though, so I can dive into the Neverwinter Saga, which I skipped in order to get to The Companions. And then there is the Sell Swords trilogy, which I’ll need to read to get more Entreri, and then there is…

You get the idea. A reader’s work is never done.

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3 thoughts on “Drizzt, Drizzt and a little more Drizzt

  1. Holy hell, I think I’ve only ever met one other Salvatore/Drizzt fan in my whole life. The drawback of living in the pop-culturally streamlined Scandinavia I suppose. In any case, you continue to amaze me with the sheer amount of awesome stuff you read/play/write/do/like. Salutations!

      1. Glad you’re writing the blog!

        AH Tomb Raider… the sheer beauty of that game makes up for all the flaws in my book. Then again I am a huge Lara Croft fan…^^

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