Review Master List

As my reviews are posted in many places, I thought compiling a list with a link to the best available version would be a handy reference–which it has proved to be in more ways than I imagined. The exercise allowed me to clean up a couple data bases and track down links to reviews I had forgotten I posted.

I also enjoyed reading over some of my comments. I keep a lot of the books I read and though I rarely re-read anything, I do visit my books. (Other bibliophiles will understand this habit, I think.) Reading over the reviews I’ve written felt like re-visting some books and, in many instances, enticed me to add a sequel or another title to my seemingly endless ‘To-be-read’ list.

At the end of several days, I sat back somewhat stunned by the number of books I have read and reviewed since I started keeping track. Hundreds, and the list of reviews numbers nearly two hundred. And, I don’t read and review as many books as some of the more professional reviewers I follow.

I’ve added a series of linked pages to my blog for readers to look up and reference my reviews. A permanent link to the list can be found in the menu to the left, or you can simply click here. I will endeavour to keep this list updated.

Thanks for reading and following. 🙂

One response to “Review Master List”

  1. […] So, that’s my reading challenge update. Time to digress and ramble on about the other stuff I got up to in March. I finally finished Assassins Creed III—let freedom reign! I also finished editing a manuscript I wrote with a friend and submitted it to a publisher—let the anxiety eat away at the lining in my gut. I also read a lot of books, many of which I reviewed. Not all my reviews are posted here, but they are all listed on my Review Master List. […]

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