Review: The Fortress in Orion by Mike Resnick

Colonel Nathan Pretorius only just survived his last mission. Actually, if you take into account the couple of times he died during surgery, technically he didn’t, but the Democracy doctors have put him back together – prosthetic foot, cloned kidney and spleen and all. Now they want him to lead another mission. Seeing as heContinue reading “Review: The Fortress in Orion by Mike Resnick”

Review: Shattered Shields

Shattered Shields is an anthology of military fantasy edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Jennifer Brozek. Included are seventeen new stories from such well-known authors as Glen Cook, Elizabeth Moon and David Farland. Some are set in established worlds, others in new universes. It’s a wide selection of tales dark, light, serious and humorous. SwordsContinue reading “Review: Shattered Shields”

Review: Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach

‘Honor’s Knight’ picks up the story of Deviana Morris right where we left off. To recap, Devi is a mercenary with big plans and a stint aboard the Glorious Fool might just help her skip a few steps on her climb to the pinnacle of her career, an invitation to be a Devastator, one ofContinue reading “Review: Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach”

Review: Army of One (Star Force, #4.5)

 Army of One by B.V. Larson. The ‘Star Force’ novels by B.V. Larson tell the story of augmented human soldiers in a war against powerful alien foes. I’ve seen the books pop up now and again. I think I even have one of them buried on my Kindle somewhere. I probably took advantage of aContinue reading “Review: Army of One (Star Force, #4.5)”

Review: Dauntless (The Lost Fleet)

Dauntless by Jack Campbell (Ace, July 2006. Paperback, 293 pages) My rating: 4 of 5 stars John ‘Black Jack’ Geary died a hero just over a century ago. The story of his last action inspired a legend known by everyone in the Alliance Fleet. He was posthumously awarded the rank of captain and his name becameContinue reading “Review: Dauntless (The Lost Fleet)”