Review: Redshirts

Redshirts by John Scalzi (TOR, July 2012. Hardcover, 317 pages) My rating: 4 of 5 stars Damn you, John Scalzi, for making me giggle helplessly at death. A quick, fun read. –+– The title of John Scalzi’s new novel, Redshirts’, is as irresistible as the premise. For those not familiar with the term ‘redshirt’ theContinue reading “Review: Redshirts”

Review: The Princess of Dhagabad

The Princess of Dhagabad, by Anna Kashina (Dragonwell, June 2012. Ebook) Reminiscent of ‘ Tales From The Arabian Nights’, ‘ The Princess Of Dhagabad’ tells the story of the friendship between a princess and a djin. On her twelfth birthday, the princess, whose name we do not learn until the very end of the bookContinue reading “Review: The Princess of Dhagabad”

Review: Firebird

Firebird, by Jack McDevitt (Ace, November 2011. Hardcover, 384 pages) ‘Firebird’ by Jack McDevitt starts in much the same way most ‘Alex Benedict’ novels do. Alex and his assistant, Chase Kolpath, come into possession of some artefacts and prepare to sell them. Alex Benedict is no ordinary antiquities dealer, however. He has an insatiable curiosityContinue reading “Review: Firebird”

Review: Armored

Armored, Edited by John Joseph Adams (Baen, March 2012. Paperback, 608 pages) Sadly, for those who write introductions and forewords for anthologies, I often only glance at them in passing, then move on to the good stuff – the stories. In this instance, the first sentence of the foreword by Orson Scott Card leapt outContinue reading “Review: Armored”

Review: Free Food for Millionnaires

Free Food for Millionaires, by Min Jin Lee (Warner, July 2007. Hardcover, 576 pages) I found this book hard to put aside, despite several quibbles with the way it was plotted and written. Free Food for Millionaires is the story of Casey Han, an American born Korean woman who finds herself caught between worlds –Continue reading “Review: Free Food for Millionnaires”