My Odyssey

Sometimes, instead of playing D&D, our group would get together and play a console game. Usually, it would be something we could take turns at, a perennial favourite being Katamari. Then we might fight it out with Super Smash Bros Brawl or, before Twitch was a thing, watch one person play Halo, Portal, or, in […]

Colour My World

You know how some people want to know your star sign? And as soon as you admit you’re a Taurus, they offer a sage nod before telling you stuff you didn’t really need to hear. Or have heard before. A hundred times. We Tauruses are not stubborn, by the way. We’re determined. Huge difference. For […]

Packing for My Last Holiday

There are times when I’d welcome a good apocalypse. By good, I mean one where we don’t necessarily die right away—not all of us, anyway. The world isn’t at war, and a plague isn’t following neat little flight paths across the globe. Your neighbors aren’t munching their way toward the end of the cul-de-sac. Let’s […]

My Ongoing Affair with Nathan Drake

As usual, I’m going to start a post by talking about something only tangentially related. After falling for and having my heart broken by Alistair Theirin (Dragon Age: Origins) I actually came to quite like his character—as a friend. Always a friend. In fact, my favourite relationship with him was as the brother from another […]